Adewumi Bakare is currently running a Masters program in Nanoscience. He is from Nigeria, where he had a Bsc in Engineering Physics. He is interested in data science and statistics. He hopes to learn and make an impacting contribution to this team and project.

Travis Bartley is a third year PhD student in English, specializing in American studies, Digital Humanities, and Media Studies. His research explores the cultural, infrastructural, and technical structures of contemporary computational technology, with a particular concern for equity in language technology. In his sparse moments outside graduate work, he enjoys playing piano, hiking, and practicing film photography.

Natalia Tyulina is a master’s student in computational linguistics at CUNY’s Graduate Center. In her current academic research she uses machine learning approaches to word sense disambiguation in Russian. She is also interested in computational semantics and phonology. One of her side projects is an open-source NLP Python library focused on convenient feature creation methods.

Maayan Brodsky is a PhD candidate at the History program at the CUNY Graduate Center. His dissertation focuses on aspects of secrecy and intelligence throughout Richard Nixon’s career. He has an MA in History from Tel Aviv University. His Master’s thesis dealt with the Pentagon Papers as a case study for secrecy in a democracy. He also holds a BA in American Studies and Comparative Literature from Tel Aviv University. He is currently working on creating a collaborative online platform that will allow professors to create and share teaching materials for open source textbooks.

Sarah Kahl hails from Brookline, Massachusetts and graduated from Oberlin College in 2016 with a B.A. in psychology and environmental studies. She is currently a Masters student at CUNY Graduate Center, where she studies data analysis and visualization. Sarah believes that ethical data practice can help expose many ignored truths about society — especially with low-income, non-white communities. She is also a passionate about fighting for climate justice using scholarly activism. Sarah is looking forward to working with the COVID Tracking Project with Data for the Public Good!

Amanda Mancini is a fifth year Ph.D. candidate at the Graduate Center-CUNY specializing in Biological Anthropology. For her dissertation, she utilizes genetics, remote sensing, and computer simulations to assess how forest loss and change impact black-and-white ruffed lemur movement patterns and population connectivity in southeastern, Madagascar. Amanda is passionate about learning and integrating novel technologies to find creative solutions to a variety of societal issues. She is experienced with data synthesis and analysis of multiple data types, statistical programming in R, and geospatial analyses in ArcGIS and QGIS.

Kyong Mazzaro is a Ph.D. candidate in political science and a Mellon Humanities Public Fellow at the PublicsLab. She uses quantitative and qualitative methods to study violence, electoral politics, and media freedom in Latin America. She holds an MA in Political Science from Columbia University, an MA in Migration Studies from the University of Rome, and a BA in International Studies from the Central University of Venezuela.
twitter handle: @klmazzaro

Joanne Ramadani is a Brooklyn-based data analyst and web developer. She is currently a candidate for a Master’s degree in Data Analytics and Visualization at the CUNY Graduate Center. When she’s not building websites, scrutinizing data, or creating fun and beautiful visualizations, you can usually find her drawing, writing, or making music.